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Thanks for visiting my website. Here I share with you my passion for taking photos.

My name is Paul Ciura and I am a self taught amateur photographer based out of Tampa, Florida. Originally from Chicago, transplanted to Florida few years back. I am a father of 3, husband to 1, geek at heart. My day job is in Information Technology, but I also do corporate head shots and some commercial real estate photography at my work.

In the evenings and on the weekends you will find me with a tripod and the Sony A7II camera wandering around Tampa and it’s surrounding areas taking photos.

IT by day, photography by night.

I enjoy shooting landscapes, seascapes, wildlife as well as studio/off camera flash photography. Doing this photography thing for about 7 years now. Love to network with others, so hit me up on any of the social platforms above, or via the contact form.




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